I'm 28 years old and I'm from Italy.

In 2010, I moved to New York to start a semester abroad at New York University that ultimately led me to stay in the U.S. to complete my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Cinema Studies.

After working in Motion Capture at NYU’s Movement Lab, I decided to follow my passion for games and moved to San Francisco to complete my master’s degree in Game Development at Academy of Art University.

Playing games and thinking of my own possible creations have always been a passion of mine. Combining that imaginative side with my technical background in programming allows me to create games that I have always wanted to play. For instance, I particularly enjoy two things in games: progression/persistency (of the character, and possibly the world around it), and an online/multiplayer component. So I try to integrate these aspects as much as possible in the projects I work on.

While in school, I have been able to consistently challenge myself in order to create games that are interesting, fun, and technically complex. As a gamer, I love to play and try new games. As a designer, I love to analyze their mechanics, which inspires me to experiment with new concepts inside a game engine. As a programmer, I am very curious and self-motivated and therefore I always find myself learning new languages, APIs, and other random stuff like setting up my own MySQL game database, and web/FTP/mail server.

Now that I've graduated, I would like to pursue a career that will let me be part of projects that I'm extremely passionate about. While my goal is to contribute to their gameplay experience through my creative vision and technical knowledge, I also want to continue to refine my skills, and hopefully get to learn a couple new ones! In the meantime I've worked on two small projects (Riot API challenge 2016, which won first place, and a MOBA-ready champion design), and am currently working on a small multiplayer open world adventure game.

If you would like to know more about me, please feel free to get in touch: rai@rprevidi.com