"Another Night on Earth" is a game that's part of a bigger story. The main character, Flynn, is a 12 year old boy from the working class of a heavily-industrialized city in a dystopian future. His dream is to escape this harsh reality by creating the ultimate flying machine.

In this "survival" version of the story, Flynn already has a prototype of the machine working, but is up to the player to gather the remaining materials that allow him to fly forever. In this game, the player's task is to stay alive as long as possible while collecting metals and avoiding obstacles.


A full list of controls is available in the "Instructions" page inside the game.

My Role in the Development

This game was made with a team of 3 people over the course of 6 weeks.

  • Project Lead: I was responsible for the story, the idea, and its implementation inside the engine.

  • Lead programmer: As the only programmer in the team, I was the only one working in the engine and responsible for all the gameplay. This includes miscellaneous work, like lighting, custom shaders, putting all the assets together (made by our 3D artist), making animations work, etc. Note: the game is procedurally generating the level with random segments.

  • UI/UX: I was responsible for creating the UI/UX given the 2D assets made by our 2D artist.

  • FX artist: created all the particle effects using Unity.