"What Remains" is an online multiplayer game made for PC using the Unity game engine. It’s a Survival-Horror game in which the player takes control of a survivor in a post-apocalyptic setting. The goal of the game is to keep surviving by scavenging for resources and fighting off enemy AI.

The game will also involve several Simulation mechanics. The player will have to manage and upgrade his own safe little camp, while trying to survive each day from realistic events such as extreme weather conditions, night and day cycles, sicknesses, wounds, physical and mental needs, etc. Up to 6 players can join each camp where they will be able to contribute to the overall improvement of their living conditions. Teamwork OP.

In order to insure survival, the players will have to leave the safe area of their camp to look for food, materials, and other resources. While food will automatically be shared amongst the survivors, all other resources will be assigned on a per-player basis, forcing players to choose between benefiting themselves or their communal living.

There will be 6 character classes in the game, each based on a specific attribute (strength, dexterity, intelligence), or a combination of two of them. Each class will allow for more varied gameplay, ranging from combat style as well as skills/utility needed outside the combat scenario. Each player will have a set of stats, attributes and skills much like a typical RPG. This game will be online-only, requiring each user to login into my home server where the entire progress will be saved regularly.